What’s Up With a Prenup? - Love, Money & the Law
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check-markAre you happy about getting married but worried about losing your assets in case of divorce?

check-markAre you curious about how to protect your income and your company just in case…?

check-markAre you clueless about how to approach your fiancé without destroying the romance?

Issues… Answers… Insights… Solutions

A prenuptial agreement is one of the most effective ways to enhance the intention of a happily ever after marriage. The process of disclosure and negotiation grounds your relationship in trust and reality so romance can thrive! Many couples feel that the process of sorting through the scenarios inherent in a prenup brought them even closer together. Included are reasons why investing in a prenup is a smart decision, such as…

  • Learn why a prenuptial agreement is the most loving and romantic gift you can give your fiancée!
  • Learn why you may need a prenup and get answers to questions you didn’t know to ask!
  • Learn about the most common issues included in a prenup and why.
  • Learn why both of you must have a family law attorney to assist with drafting your marriage contract.
  • Learn what you’ll need to disclose in order to draft a valid contract.
  • Learn all the advantages to anticipating life-long relationship issues as a couple, at any age, and why!

Get easy reference checklists for…

  • Speaking to your lawyer about your most important points of concern
  • How to protect your personal and real property interests
  • The many, many advantages of working through the elements of a marital contract together

In a condensed, to the point program, you’ll enjoy the benefit of considering potential scenarios to help you determine whether or not you may need a prenup.

About Cindy

I’m excited about offering you the benefit of my years of professional and personal life experience as a family law attorney, wife, and mother so that your marriage is one that lasts a lifetime. It’s my sincere belief that if you and your fiancée can successfully work through the many delicate personal and financial topics in this program, the chances for a lifetime marriage go up 1000%!


Best to know where you stand on all issues with your partner before walking down the aisle. This webinar will help you start your life together with a quiet spirit by tackling the tough topics at the beginning of your marriage instead of risking potential conflict and an end. It will also help you both be well prepared to work with the family law attorney who drafts your contract by having a solid understanding of the issues throughout the negotiation process.


What’s left after you sort through the tough topics? Happily ever after.


Congratulations and good luck!

My Risk-Free Promise

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