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On-Demand Webinars

Do I Stay or Do I Leave?

Are you struggling to feel happy in your relationship? Are you undecided about whether to stay in your marriage or partnership? Do you sense that making a change is right for you but don’t know how to proceed? A must for anyone considering divorce, this program will help you get to the heart of your disconnect through a proven process that works.

What’s Up With a Prenup?


Concerned about protecting your assets…just in case? Feel safe and secure by understanding the essential elements of a prenup. This program will help you engage meaningful conversations with your fiancé before marriage about money, intimacy, spiritual values, family, children, retirement, and more. The many benefits include enhancing your intention of a life-long relationship.

How to Select a Divorce Lawyer?

Full of ways to find the right skills and personality for you and your unique circumstances, Cindy’s webinar goes beyond the “How To” and helps you feel confident and prepared before your first meeting. Included also are money saving tips, checklists, insights into the legal system, and, questions to ask during an initial interview that will help you get organized before you walk into a lawyer’s office.

Winning the Divorce Game

“Winning” a divorce is a matter of opinion. Knowing what to expect about the process in order to save money, minimize stress, and make smart decisions is a must. Prepare well for your new beginning.

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