Do I Stay or Do I Leave? - Love, Money & the Law
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check-markAre you in an unhappy marriage and desperate for a change but don’t what to do?

check-markDo you feel trapped with no options or choices other than the one you fear?

check-markAre you struggling to feel happy and wondering, “How do I save my marriage?”

This three-part on-demand webinar will help you get to the heart of your unhappiness through a proven process that works.


You’ll privately explore short and long term issues critical for redirecting yourself into a fulfilling future. You’ll take a look at the very personal and practical aspects of your unique situation. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of insights into the legal system, and consider many financial, emotional, social, sexual, and spiritual elements of your relationship that only you can appreciate.


When you feel like you or your spouse has changed since you got married it can feel frightening. Change invites the unknown. Maybe you feel like you’ve simply outgrown the relationship, or, perhaps one of you has been cheating. Maybe there are things you’ve wanted to say for years but don’t know how? Maybe your relationship has gone stale, or, illness, financial strains, or other family issues have taken a toll on your time together as a couple.


Long term bonds hold an underlying energy that is altered when a shift occurs and it is felt throughout our entire being. This transformation can improve your well-being, and, that as a couple, even if only one of you makes a decision to do something differently. Knowledge then becomes paramount for making wise choices.


  • Can you be completely honest and open with your dreams, hopes, and desires?
  • Are your behaviors consistent with your values and beliefs?
  • Are you willing to complete the program?

If you commit to completing the entire program you’ll have a roadmap for reflection and a direction for taking your next steps. You’ll have a guide to sort through emotional issues, financial considerations, your social status, your sex life, and, spiritual aspects that are unique to you and how you perceive your marriage or relationship.


You’ll also learn what questions you need to ask yourself and the issues you may face before initiating any formal action in the legal system. If you decide to divorce, consider what that may be like for you and discover the short and long-term emotional, familial, legal, and spiritual aspects before making your decision.


  • Are you trying to decide when to leave a marriageor not?
  • Do you sense that making a change is right for you but don’t know how to proceed?
  • Do I feel this way because I’m having a midlife crisis?

If you’ve answered “yes” then I invite you to experience peace, confidence, and clear direction by taking my webinar now.


My easy to use program is deeply meaningful yet primarily educational and solutions based. It will help you find clarity about the underlying reasons for your current dilemma and direct you to at least one of the choices you are waiting to make – divorce therapist or divorce court.


Your “ah-ha” moments are waiting to emerge. You’ll feel more certain of your life’s direction so you can finally move forward. Ultimately, it’s about learning new skills and taking steps to live the fulfilling life that you deserve!


Now is the time to find resolve. Order now. Find a quiet place and set aside some time alone to focus on what it is within you that wants to emerge. As you are listening to each section, be aware of your breath, relax, participate, and be patient with yourself. Your confusion will sort itself into clarity. Choices will become apparent. Potential outcomes other than the one you fear will arise. Your answers will become clear.

About Cindy

I have been coaching most of my life…as a family law attorney, businesswoman, public servant, wife, and mother. I have helped countless clients navigate the most crucial, heartbreaking circumstances imaginable to find peace and hope for a satisfying future by supporting reconciliation or as an advocate assisting to consciously ending the marriage. In this packed, condensed, and to the point webinar, you get the benefit of my years of experience as a family law attorney and my life experience years after my divorce with two young teenagers.

My Risk-Free Promise

It’s Immediate
You’ll be able to access the program within minutes of purchasing.

It’s Unlimited
7 full days of unlimited access to watch the program.

It’s Risk-Free
Not 100% happy with the information? Let me know and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.