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Personal Coaching Programs

Do I Stay or Do I Leave?

If webinars are not for you, I offer a one-on-one personal intensive coaching program to help guide you through a discernment process about the issues in your marriage or relationship that will help you get to the heart of your disconnect.

♥ Are you struggling to feel happy?

♥ Are you undecided about whether to stay in your marriage or partnership?

♥ Do you sense that making a change is right for you but don’t know how to proceed?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above then I invite you to experience calm, peace, confidence, and clear direction through my relationship clarity coaching program.

When one person begins to change within a relationship it can feel frightening. Change invites the unknown. For some it may also mean revisiting spiritual values. Long term bonds hold an underlying energy that is fundamentally altered when a shift occurs, and it is felt throughout our entire being. Transformation inside a relationship can also improve your well-being even if only one of you makes a decision to do something differently. Knowledge then becomes paramount for making wise choices.


Your Options

Get to the heart of your disconnect through a proven process that works. Work with me privately all day, or, during 4 / two hour coaching sessions within 60 days. You decide what works best for you. During our time together we will confidentially explore short and long term issues critical for redirecting yourself into a fulfilling future by taking a look at the practical aspects of your situation, including the legal, financial, emotional, social and spiritual elements unique to your relationship.*


Coaching vs. Counseling

Clarity coaching focuses on personal growth but without the mental health aspects of psychotherapy. There is no diagnosis, management of mental health issues, or looking back into childhood issues. I help you find clarity around the reasons for your current dilemma. The program is primarily educational and solutions based.

Coaching is also about goal setting and about getting clarification to move forward to accomplish those goals. When the goal concerns decision making, it’s about separating emotions from practical life issues. Ultimately, it’s about learning new skills and taking steps to live the fulfilling life that you deserve!


Things to Consider
Can you be completely honest and open with your dreams, hopes and desires? Are you willing to consider changing your behavior? Are your behaviors consistent with your values and beliefs? Are you willing to complete the program?


What to Expect

Most people report that when we’re finished working together they experience a feeling of calm, peace, confidence and clear direction. Your “ah-ha” moments will make your transformation rewarding for both of us. Goals are set and you will feel more certain of your life’s direction.


About Cindy

I have been coaching most of my life…as a family law attorney, businesswoman, politician, wife, and mother. I have helped countless clients navigate the most crucial, heartbreaking circumstances imaginable to find peace and hope for a satisfying future by applying my life experience, legal knowledge, intuition and practical common sense. But it was not until years after my divorce, and then more years of being on my own and practicing family law, that I fully appreciated the life altering consequences of my decision to leave my marriage with two young teenagers. Now, looking back, I’m eager to offer the benefit of my life experience, legal knowledge and intuitive gifts to help you live a fulfilling life and make the best decision for you.

I would be delighted to share the benefit of my understanding to help you sort through the complex issues involved in making a critical life choice. Since I work with only highly motivated clients, please contact me only if you’re serious about making an investment in the most important aspect of your life – your marriage or committed relationship.

Thanks so much for your interest in my Clarity Coaching program and I look forward to working with you.

For rates please contact Cindy at 713.622.9008 or email her at Four part programs must be completed within 60 days. Space is subject to availability.


*Cindy Hide does not offer legal, psychological or financial advice. Clarity coaching does not create an attorney client relationship with Cindy Hide. One-on-one Clarity Coaching is available only to Texas residents. Webinars, podcasts, audio books and membership services are available world-wide.