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Founder of Love, Money, & the Law
Cindy Hide
Cindy Hide is a family law attorney in Houston, Texas and Founder of Love, Money & the Law, an internet based resource for insights into relationships and family law.
After years of life as an attorney, businesswoman, public servant, mother, and homemaker, Cindy realized that her passion is mentoring individuals to find clarity and direction within their relationships. As an attorney, speaker, author, and life coach, she believes that sound, emotional, and financially-responsible decisions depend on being as well-informed as possible about as many issues as possible. This is especially true if in an emotionally charged high conflict relationship.
Her many publications are educational and solutions based, offering direction for staying put or moving on, preparing for marriage, or, managing divorce. She has published works for those who depend on the legal system for justice in family law matters, colleagues, and legal support staff. In addition to webinars, some of her many publications include 7 Steps to Divorcing Wisely: Do I Stay or Do I Leave?: A Woman’s Guide to Pray, Pause and Ponder, Get Ready…Be Happy!: Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, How to Select a Divorce Attorney, Family Law from A to Z, Divorce Cases from Start to Finish for Paralegals, and, manuals for the legal profession including Divorce from a Client’s Perspective, Domestic Violence and How to Handle It When It’s Part of Your Case, Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Divorce Proceedings and Calculating Damages in Child Sexual Abuse Cases.
Intuition, a strong spiritual core, and personal growth experiences coupled with her professional experience are Cindy’s basis for helping others decipher issues that require a healthy dose of encouragement and hope. In all instances, she believes that the “ah ha” moments are the cornerstones of positive change and the keys to a happy, fulfilling life.
Whether you’re getting married or divorced, thinking about leaving your relationship or starting a new one, Cindy’s programs bring clarity and vision to individuals and couples. Through loving intention, clear vision, healthy habits and an awakened spirit, her works support your transition for peace and resolve.
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